Using Mindjet to Get the Best Out of SharePoint

Mindjet Webinar

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Mindjet and Microsoft SharePoint are a great compliment. Mindjet’s intuitive visual framework helps you capture and organize ideas and information to help teams solve problems, prioritize strategies, and plan projects. The Mindjet on premise server enhances the SharePoint platform and maximizes team productivity from behind the security of your firewall. Join us for a 15-minute live webinar to learn how to:

  • Embed a Mindjet map as a Web Part
  • More easily navigating SharePoint sites and lists by creating shared visual dashboards that aggregate and display SharePoint assets.
  • Create visual project plans and organize tasks from a single view in SharePoint.

Using Mindjet with SharePoint

If your organization uses Microsoft SharePoint, Mindjet provides several powerful integrations to the SharePoint platform that can help you be more productive.

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